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Scrapebox Nulled 2012

Category: Applications

Download Scrapebox Nulled 2012

Scrapebox Nulled 2012

Scrapebox Nulled 2012

ScrapeBox has an RSS Submission module which allows you to send Pings to dozens of RSS Services at the click of a button! Best of all you are not restricted to the places you submit to, never worry about services going "dead" and never be limited by the services you submit to.. It's all fully user editable just by pasting in the Feed Services URL, or deleting a service if they should no longer work in the future. Did you just update your 20 blogs? No problems just add the feed URL for all your blogs, and click the Submit button. ScrapeBox will submit your first blog to the whole list of services, then move on to your second blog and so on submitting them all.. With one click, while you have your morning coffee!

Download Scrapebox Nulled 2012

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